The bracelet since 1765

The bracelet since 1765

The bracelet since 1765

HIRSCH develops and manufactures the most progressive, richest in detail and finest bracelets in the world.
The goal of all developments is to secure longevity, wearing comfort and aesthetics of the bracelet in different wearing situations of the consumer.
Knowledge and sense of bracelets allow HIRSCH to support the development work of both the watch industry and the specialised trade in a fair and professional way.
HIRSCH embodies bracelet culture that is kept alive and carefully passed on to the next generation.

The bracelet since 1765

Our collection

Bracelets for watches

The conscious decision for a branded product of high intrinsic value.
At HIRSCH, we do not speak of watch straps, but of bracelets for watches. You will receive an accessory that adds the extra touch to your watch and makes it your personal gem.
A HIRSCH bracelet will make your watch more beautiful and valuable. The perfect accessory for a stylish appearance: no matter if you wear it for business or sports or as an extravagant fashion statement – individuality is timeless.

About Hirsch

1765 - Leather workshop

Johannes Franz Hirsch opens a leather workshop in Lower Austria, producing leather for shoes and saddles in a small tannery..

1935 - The first patent

The HIRSCH vacuum belt is invented and patented for the upcoming automobile industry.

1945 - Watch bracelets made of leather

Hans Hirsch starts to produce watch bracelets made of leather from the Carinthian shoe industry, using his kitchen table in Klagenfurt as his work bench, and a pocket knife and a household sewing machine.

1955 - Rembordé technique

Hans Hirsch discovers a way of seamlessly binding the upper leather to the lining. This method, which was patented by Hirsch, is adopted by leather and handbag master craftsmen as the HIRSCH Rembordé technique, and is now a standard in the world wide watch bracelet industry.

Good to know

HIRSCH bracelets are a pleasant sensual experience. They are so soft, supple and pleasant to wear that you will not want to take them off!

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